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Hydrant Helpers Program

The Hydrant Helpers Program, proudly sponsored by Marshfield Utilities, is a community initiative aimed at nurturing a sense of responsibility and civic duty among the youth of the City of Marshfield. This program encourages children aged 6 to 17 to take an active role in safeguarding their neighborhoods by adopting a fire hydrant and tending to its winter accessibility, with the guidance and supervision of their parents.

In the Hydrant Helpers Program, participants become dedicated snow removers for a fire hydrant near their home. The helpers are entrusted with clearing a designated area around the hydrant, approximately a 3-4 foot radius, and a 3-foot pathway leading to the street. This effort should be conducted on quiet residential streets and under age-appropriate supervision by a parent or guardian.

Safety remains paramount in this program. Helpers should not venture into the road while performing their hydrant-clearing duties, especially if snowplow piles obstruct the view. In such cases, adult supervision is essential to ensure their safety. An adult should accompany the child if the selected hydrant is located across the street, to guarantee their safety during this task. Additionally, if the hydrant is not adjacent to the family's property, courteous communication with neighbors and obtaining their permission is necessary before initiating snow removal activities.

Hydrant Helpers are encouraged to be diligent observers as well. After snow removal, inspect the adopted hydrants for missing or damaged caps and signs of water leakage. Concerns are to be reported by calling Marshfield Utilities at 715-387-1195.

To ensure that each Hydrant Helper is effectively caring for their designated hydrant, Marshfield Utilities will monitor the hydrants. This system helps nurture a sense of accountability and pride among the children, knowing that their efforts are being recognized, and valued by the community.

The Hydrant Helpers Program fosters a sense of community ownership and empowerment among the young residents of Marshfield. By taking on this responsibility, children learn valuable lessons about civic duty, teamwork, and the importance of contributing to their neighborhood's well-being. Through their actions, these young helpers become ambassadors of safety, actively contributing to the welfare of their city.

To register your child to be a Hydrant Helper, fill out the registration form at: https://bit.ly/3sT5O65