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Water Rates

Below are our current rates for water usage (Effective 7/1/2019).

View the full PSC tariff sheets here.

Mg-1-General Service Minimum Monthly Bill: (Based on Meter Size)

  • 5/8" Meter.....$9.48
  • 3/4” Meter.....$9.48
  • 1” Meter.....$15.45
  • 1 1/4” Meter.....$19.57
  • 1 1/2” Meter.....$24.21
  • 2” Meter.....$38.11
  • 3” Meter.....$58.71
  • 4” Meter.....$88.58
  • 6” Meter.....$154.50
  • 8” Meter.....$230.72
  • 10” Meter.....$319.30
  • 12” Meter.....$407.88

Consumption Charge

  • FIRST 16,700 cu. Ft......$3.92 per 100 cu. Ft.
  • NEXT 83,300 cu. Ft......$3.76 per 100 cu. Ft.
  • OVER 100,000 cu. Ft......$3.35 per 100 cu. Ft.

Public Fire Protection Service

The municipality has chosen to have the utility bill the retail general service customers for public fire protection (PFP). This rate is also applicable to vacant lots and properties which front utility-owned mains but are not general service customers of the water utility.

Monthly Public Fire Protection Service Charge

$0.06974 per thousand dollars of assessed valuation.

The public fire protection billing allows for the collection of PFP charges from property owners who are not subject to property taxes.

Sprinkler Meters

Upon request, the utility shall furnish and install additional meters to water service customers for the purpose of measuring the volume of water used that is not discharged into the sanitary sewer system. The utility shall charge a meter installation charge of $40.00 and a monthly rental fee for the use of this additional meter.

The City of Marshfield allows installation of sprinkler meters. A sprinkler meter is a second meter that may be installed in a home, which measures the amount of water used through the outside faucets. Because this water is not discharged into the sanitary sewers, sewer charges on this water do not apply.

Please be aware that all Marshfield Utilities installation requirements for our normal water meters will apply to the sprinkler meters. All standard specifications for sewer and water construction in Wisconsin will also apply.

A permit from the plumbing inspector must be obtained prior to meter installation. A proposed installation plan must be presented to the plumbing inspector when requesting the permit. The homeowner or the plumber doing the work for the home-owner must obtain the permit.

Once the permit is obtained, the plumbing work may be completed to allow for the meter. All sprinkler meters will be installed as close as possible to the normal house meter at a point immediately downstream of the house meters. All water department meter installation rules will apply. Valves must be installed before and after the sprinkler meter to allow for maintenance of the meter. The minimum contract period for the meter shall be one (1) year. The customer is required to pay for all plumbing modifications.

When the plumbing work is completed, the homeowner should contact the Water Department and request the installation of the meter. The Water Department will charge a meter installation fee of $40.00 which must be paid at the Utility Office prior to installation of the meter. We need a minimum of one day notice to schedule the installation of the meter. At this time the plumbing inspector will also need to be notified and will inspect the plumbing for proper installation.

Calculations for sewer consumption will remain unchanged. Calculations for water consumption will be the total of the normal house meter water usage plus the total of the sprinkler meter usage.

All sprinkler meters will be owned by the Water Department. Rental rates are as established by the Public Service Commission.

Monthly Additional Meter Rental Charges

  • 5/8 - inch meter - $ 4.60 per billing period
  • 1 - inch meter - $15.45 per billing period
  • 11/2 - inch meter - $ 24.21 per billing period
  • 2 - inch meter - $38.11 per billing period

If you have any further questions concerning the installation of these meters, please contact the Marshfield Utilities Office at +1 (715) 387-1195.

Thank You, Marshfield Utilities