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Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Cross Connection Inspections

Why is an inspector here?

An important part of managing the cross connection control program requires regular inspections of facilities with a potential of having cross connections to the public water supply. The inspection frequency is scheduled at intervals based on the degree of hazard. Marshfield Utilities has contracted with Hydro Designs, Inc. (HDI) of Bloomfield Hills, MI to perform the industrial and commercial cross connection inspections. HDI has been providing backflow prevention and cross connection control program management services since 1983 The HDI inspectors will possess proper identification and have undergone extensive training to perform the necessary inspections.

Marshfield Utility Staff performs residential cross connection inspections. The Utility designed the cross connection inspection program to coincide with the water meter replacement program. Residential water meters are scheduled to be changed out every 20 years. Your cross connection inspection will be completed when we have access to your house to change out the water meter.

What do I need to do?

As a water customer you have certain responsibilities to help protect the public water supply:

  1. Provide access for the inspector during the visit of your facility.
  2. Become familiar with the cross connection control regulations addressed in the Wisconsin Department of Commerce Admin-Code and Dept. of Natural Resources.
  3. Have backflow prevention devices registered through the Department of Commerce and tested annually by a certified tester.

Short video to demonstrate the cross connection inspection as well as how to fix common problems found during the inspection.

Additional Resources:

The Marshfield Utilities' staff is committed to providing quality, cost efficient service in the production, treatment, testing and delivery of safe drinking water to all residential, commercial and industrial users. Safe and reliable drinking water is a carefully manufactured product. In order to help ensure safe drinking water Marshfield Utilities has adopted a Cross Connection Control Program. This program is part of our effort to ensure safe and reliable drinking water.

Questions regarding this program or other water quality issues may be directed to Marshfield Utilities or to Hydro Designs, Inc.

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