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Billing Information

Integrated Messaging: Go GREEN! Click HERE to learn more about our paperless billing and notification option.

Marshfield Utilities provides Electric and Water Service to its customers. We also provide wastewater billing service for the City of Marshfield.

How To Read Your Bill: Click HERE for a visual display of the billing statement. Please note that the rates on this sample statement may not be our current billing rates.

Date Due: Bills are mailed monthly and are due 15 days after mailing. Customers can mail their payment using the return envelope provided with the bill.

Budget Payment Plan: To manage high winter or summer electric bills, ask us about even payment plans. This allows you to average estimated annual use into even monthly payments. Each six months your payment amount is reviewed to reflect your actual use. At the end of a budget year, your bill is adjusted to correct over billing or under billing. These plans are available to all residential electric and water customers.

Prompt Payment of Bills: A charge of no more than 1% per month will be added to bills not paid within 20 days from the date of issuance. The late payment charge shall be applied to the total unpaid balance for electric, water, and sewer service, including unpaid payment charges.

Past-due Bills: Payment on a utility bill with a past due-due disconnection message, must be received on or before the last payment date. Remember – there is a delay when mailing a payment or scheduling a Bank Bill pay with your bank and also when making a payment at Pick n Save, Walmart or Simplicity Credit Union. Please allow enough time for us to receive and process the payment before the disconnection date. Usually 2 – 3 business days.

Deferred payment agreements (DPA) are available to residential customers.

  1. Residential customers that own their home can be given a DPA if they haven’t defaulted on a DPA in the past 12 months. We may ask for up to 50% of the past due balance as a down payment, and the remainder of the balance to be set up in installments. The current bills also will be included in the installment payments.
  2. Residential customers that are renters will not be offered a DPA if any of the following apply:
    1. The residential tenant has at least $100 of charges that are more than 90 days past due.
    2. The tenant has defaulted on a deferred payment agreement in the past 12 months.
    3. The residential tenant had water or sewer charges that were placed on any property owner’s tax bill in Marshfield in the past 24 months.
    4. The residential tenant has a balance during the winter moratorium that is more than 80 days past due.

    If the only reason that a DPA can’t be given is #1 or #4 in the above list, the customer can make a payment so that these no longer apply. In addition, the customer will also need to pay one half of the remaining past due balance. Once these payments are made, a DPA can be signed to pay the remainder in installments. The current bills also will be included in the installment payments.

    If none of the above four criteria apply, a residential customer that is a tenant can be given a DPA. We may ask for up to 50% of the past due balance as a down payment, and the remainder of the balance to be set up in installments. The current bills also will be included in the installment payments.

    To learn more, press HERE

Financial Assistance or Counseling Referral: Our office maintains a list of agencies and programs which provide financial assistance of financial counseling. Low-income customers may also qualify for fuel assistance. To learn how you may apply, please contact your local department of social services. Eligibility depends on family size and income.

To learn more, press HERE

Reconnection of Service: If your electric service has been disconnected due to non-payment of your account, it can be reconnected between the hours of 7:00am and 2:30pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). There are no same-day reconnections if service is disconnected for non-payment. Payment of the past due charges, or a signed arrangement for payment, must be made, in addition to payment of the reconnection fee. Our personnel are available to evaluate and negotiate the reconnection of service and our service personnel are available to restore service 24 hours a day if there is a documented need for electricity for medical equipment in the home. A charge is made for the reconnection of all services and the charge is higher for reconnections done after normal working hours.

Water and sewer tax roll filing: In the City of Marshfield, past due water and sewer balances are subject to placement on the property owner’s property taxes, in accordance with Wisconsin Statute 66.0809(3). Below are the key dates in this process: October 15th: Notices are sent to the customer and the landlord (if the customer lives in a rented property), stating the amount of past due water and sewer that could be placed on the tax roll. This notice is NOT a bill. The amounts on this notice have been billed on the customer’s regular monthly bills. This notice also gives the dates for the 10% penalty and the date that the amount is sent to the city to be placed on the tax roll. November 1st: Any unpaid water and sewer balances from the October 15th notice are assessed a 10% penalty. November 15th: Any unpaid water and sewer balances from the October 15 notice, plus unpaid penalties, are removed from the customer’s billing account. This is transferred to the city to be placed on the property taxes of the owner.