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Landlord Information

Notices explained

Landlords will receive various notices from Marshfield Utilities. These notices may look similar but are designed to convey very different information to you, the Landlord.

This is to alert you that there is an unpaid Water & Sewer balance and that this unpaid balance could be transferred to the property tax levy in November.

This is to alert you that disconnection of service is scheduled and that you may wish to take steps to protect the property, occupants and your assets at the property.

This is a legal notification that there is an unpaid utility balance and if it remains unpaid, it will transfer to the property tax levy in November.

Filing a Lien

We strongly encourage our Landlords to collect a security deposit and to verify that the final utility bill has been paid before releasing the deposit. Municipal utilities cannot, in most cases, collect a security deposit like a Landlord, but must still offer services according to Admin Code. Act 274 provides a process in which a Landlord can file and obtain a lien against a Tenant’s personal assets for payments made from the Landlord’s funds for a past due utility charge. This is handled at the County Court for the county that the property falls in. You should check with your attorney or a local Landlord association to learn more provisions.

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General Information

Landlords should ask their prospective Tenant’s to apply for utility services before finalizing the lease. We will inform you if we can’t serve your Tenant due to a past due balance. We encourage Landlords to collect proper ID from their adult Tenants and to always charge a security deposit. When possible the Landlord should complete the Request for Utility Service – Renter form with the Tenant. This form is required by Marshfield Utilities to begin service.

During the period that a Tenant is an MU Customer, we will bill the Tenant directly. Landlords will receive various notices and alerts when circumstance require. When the Tenant requests termination of services, we will send their final bill to the new address that they provide. We will also transfer service back to your account unless you notify us to disconnect services. The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin prohibits a Utility from disconnecting electric services that would affect the primary heating source of a dwelling during the Winter Moratorium. The Winter Moratorium is November 1 through April 15. Collection efforts do continue all year and Water services may be disconnected during the Winter Moratorium.

We are here to help

We really are. Please know that we will assist you whenever possible. Please keep your contact information current and up-to-date, we know how frustrating it is when good information is delayed. Contact information is your phone number of course, but it will be helpful for us to reach you via cell phone and email too. We can be reached at CustomerService@marshfieldutilities.org or by calling 715-387-1195. Landlords that take a hands-on approach to ensure payment of utility bills see the financial benefit. The savvy Landlord will include lease terms that provide for eviction for non-payment of utilities. We appreciate a good working relationship with our Landlords and encourage open communication to minimize the needless disconnections and the waste of tax levies.