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New Building

Drawings of the South Central Avenue view of the proposed new building:

Tour of Marshfield Utilities Current Building

Tour of Marshfield UtilitiesProposed New Building

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Overview
    MU main office building was built in 1966-67. Since then operations and technology changes have occurred. To meet the demands today and into the future, MU is planning to build a new building that will include office, garage, and material storage space.
  • Why is a new building needed?
    Some of the reasons for a new facility include additional space, ADA compliant facility, greater security, ventilation issues, dual location inefficiencies, aged facility, and customer issues like parking, public restroom, and easy access into the building.
  • Could the existing building be remodeled?
    Many options including remodeling were explored. Remodeling the existing space and adding the necessary square footage to accommodate the needs today and into the future cost nearly as much as building completely new.
  • Why is the new building staying on the same site?
    The existing site contains a number of challenges due to the overhead and underground utilities, the substation, water booster station, and being public land. MU is best positioned to build a new building that embraces these challenges. In addition, customers and employees have grown accustomed to our south side location and maintaining this was a priority.
  • When will this project occur?
    The current schedule has MU bidding the project in late 2020, with construction to start in the spring of 2021 and being compete by the end of 2022.
  • Where will the new building be placed?
    The new building will remain on the current site of the main office building. The design of the new facility will allow the new office space to be constructed north of the existing facility. This will minimize disruption to our customers and employees. We may need to close the office a few days to allow equipment to be moved and setup at the new office. During construction, service of electricity and water to customers will not be affected.
  • Will the new building affect the aquatic center project?
    The City of Marshfield Parks and Recreation Department and MU have worked together to ensure both projects will work cohesively on the current site.
  • What is the cost of the new building?
    The estimated total cost of the project is $17.5M.
  • How will this project affect my electric and water rates?
    At this time, the impact to electric rates is estimated to be 5-6% or $4/month. There are a number of factors, including the actual cost of the project and the interest rate of borrowing money that could cause the actual rate change to be higher or lower. There will be no impact to water rates at this time due to this project.
  • When will the new rates go into effect?
    MU will have to file a rate case request with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) once the project is completed or near completion. The rates will likely not take effect until sometime in 2023.
  • How will this project affect my property taxes?
    This project has no impact on your property taxes. Revenue from electric and water rates will be used to fund this project.
  • Why doesn’t MU save the money over time and pay cash instead of borrowing?
    The PSCW requires MU to get approval before construction, construct the building, and then adjust rates to pay for the building during the life of the building.
  • Will this project affect the City’s ability to borrow money to support Capital Projects like roads?
    This project will not affect the City’s ability to borrow money.