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Contractors MUST inform property owners of their responsibility to locate private facilities. These facilities include but are not limited to: sprinkler systems, downspout drains, outbuilding feeds, power to supplemental lighting, propane lines, private gas lines, sump pump drains, sewage line, well pump wires, pet fences and electronic security.

Contractor must also inform owner that final landscaping will be the responsibility of the owner. Marshfield Utilities will try to limit the amount of damage done but all flora and landscaping that is to be saved shall be removed from the area prior to work:

I certify that the property owner has been informed of their responsibilities.

This Certificate is given to absolve Marshfield Utilities from any liability resulting from the non-compliance of any such electrical work with the requirements of Wisconsin State Electrical Code.

Signature below shall indicate he or she is the electrical contractor or wireman who completed the wiring at the above listed address and that all of the electrical work done or performed fully conforms with the requirements of Marshfield Utilities – Electric Service Manual, the Wisconsin State Electrical Code, and all local government requirements. Energizing the described wiring will in no way create a hazard.

*I have read and agree to the Terms.

Customers not wishing to complete the online application, may print the PDF version and fax, email, mail or bring to Marshfield Utilities office. Please remember processing will be delayed. Marshfield Utilities must have one business day to process a completed application, but only after it is received.

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